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City With No People [entries|friends|calendar]
Xiao Qiao

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[ August.10.06 @ 10:05pm ]

get rikufied

[ August.06.06 @ 1:41pm ]
hi everyone.
I'm asking everyone nicely, if they'd remove this username from their friends list.

I have created a new account, and want nothing to do with this one.

My new account will be friends only, so please leave a comment there when I make a post asking to be added.

I'm going to be much more harsh with who I accept on my new journal.

Thank you.

The url is http://sexesand_shades.livejournal.com/

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[ July.09.06 @ 8:56am ]
Hooray, awake at 8:00 a.m, and ready to go off to dance rehearsals.
Of course, these rehearsals are MANDATORY, and I wouldn't want to piss Cathy Taylor off by not showing up.
Well, these rehearsals are for my nationals dance competition coming up this week. I perform on Tuesday with my solo, Wednesday with my small group, and Thursday with my 6 large groups. Then on Friday is some like Champions thing that I might get selected for.
Normally, for the nationals, we go somewhere fun. Virginia Beach, or Atlantic City, or Myrtle Beach. But this year, we're not even leaving the state. We're going to LOWELL due to gas prices. The only thing LOWELL has is a historic importance and MILLS. We're not back in the days of Lyddie, are we?
I'm not even staying at a hotel up there this year, only one night since I have to be at the auditorium at like 7:30 a.m. Wooohoo.
I remember the first year we went to Lowell for our nationals. I had this dance production of about 60 people to the song Love Shack, and there were these lights on the front of the stage. And my group had to hang their legs over the front of the stage, so our legs got BURNNEDD by the lights. It was really pleasant.

Alright, dance time.
Gattaa go.


Oh, and Surya and Jef <33. Hearts for you since I just added you.
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[ February.15.06 @ 4:37pm ]
Okay, so basically APOLO ANTON OHNO is my future husband.
He better win his 1000m short track race tonight.. or I'll eat someones face.
Anywaysss, I just thought I'd post my love for him in an entry.


Crazy day at school today. I out-did Val, got pictures taken of me, and looked pretty amazing.

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[ January.18.06 @ 11:12pm ]
Have you ever felt shattered? As if your whole entire body just broke down? Have you ever told yourself everything is going wrong because you messed up? Can you ever forgive yourself when you make a mistake? Can you ever learn to not live with so much regret that it eats you away every second? Have you ever told yourself you weren't afraid of anything only to realize you were?

I screwed up.
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